Jul 22

8 Drawings for Prof Winston in June 2019


Edited: Jul 23

I heard that Prof Winston was staying in an ICU room with no window throughout May... I wanted to wish him a rapid recovery and I wish the pains leave him, but I couldn't find the words in English to express my mind. So I drew.









I didn't mail the seventh one (picturing him on hospital bed) to sadden him. Four got lost during the delivery to Cambridge. So I handed these scanned copies to him on 13 July at the hospital. He couldn't speak because of the tube in his throat. So he dropped his jaw and looked at me. I knew. And I was already imagining him coming back to lecture at 10-250.


He assigned work to me through whisper. "... We will make something impressive..." His mind was still sharp and his eyes shined brighter than most young people I see on streets. He stated his belief in me, which thrilled me more than anything.


I was planning to send him a demo on the evening of 18 July, but I figured I could still improve it a bit. So I indulged myself in making a signage of the Genesis Group, which he can see from his office when he comes back. On 19 July, just before 6:00, I lost him.



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