Jul 22

6.yyy and his Newest Book


Edited: Jul 22

If you know Prof. Winston and his project Genesis, you must be familiar with "xx"s and "yy"s, -- they are Winston's most frequently used pronouns for "somebody." Every spring, Winston also teaches an AI class with "some" class code, "6.yyy", or "6.xxx" for the past several decades.


On this 6.yyy, the Human Intelligence Enterprise, Prof Winston not only engages us in heated discussions over the right way of doing AI, but he also teaches students how to communicate, from presentations to writing, leadership, and so many other applications.


In Spring 2018, Prof Winston publishes his newest book, "Communication." In the book, Winston condenses his life-long teaching and observation into precious suggestions on communication.


My dear reader,


You know what Winston always likes? Stories!


In this forum, feel free to share your stories on communication, -- it can be a successful story, or a memorable scenario, or something that you wish to share with us.


Zhijing Jin

Winston's student in 6.yyy



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